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Bug#611750: 2nd update (Re: Bug#613790: pm-utils: eeepc 1005 PE recently stopped resuming from hibernate)

[ I Cc 611750@bugs.debian.org, which mi bug report seems to be a duplicate of... ]

Dear all,

A couple more data points :

1) I tried Sebastian Andrzej Siewio's 2.6.30 partially unpatched kernel,
to no avail : my eee 1005PE still rebooted when trying to resume from
hibernation (yes, I first rebooted on this partially patched kernel
*before* hibernating...).

2) restoring a 2.6.29 kernel from snapshots.debian.org "solved" the
problem (for some small value of "solution").

Hence :

1) At least on some eee hardware,
drm-i915-overlay-ensure-that-the-reg_bo-is-in-the-gtt-prior-to-writing.patch is *not* the sole culprit.

2) Temporarily pinning the linux-image-2.6.32-5-586 package to 2.6.30
may alleviate the problem, but cuts you off the opportunity to
auto-upgrade to a future and hyothetical 2.6.31 package. Is there a way
to configure apt to still auto-update if possible but to avoid 2.6.30 ?

Question :

Did someone tried to recompile the 2.6.30 package with the *three*
drm-i915 patches reversed ? I used to recompile my kernels (after all,
I'm following Debian on and off since about 1998...), but I'm no longer
aware of the current "official" procedures to do so (any pointer to a
*synthetic* doc ? ) and somewhat reluctant to undertake this on a
netbook... :-).

Sincerely yours,

					Emmanuel Charpentier

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