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Xen dom0 (core) merged to upstream Linux 2.6.37 and other new features


People here might be interested to know that Xen pvops dom0 core
was merged to upstream Linux kernel during the 2.6.37 merge window!

This has been in the works for a long time, so it's good news.

Note that this is the core/initial merge, there's more upstreaming
needed to get for example the Xen dom0 backend drivers merged
to be able to run other domains using the upstream kernel.

Xen developers are working on upstreaming more of the missing bits
in the next Linux versions.

Recently in addition to the Xen dom0 bits there has been other
upstreamed features aswell:

- Xen PV-on-HVM drivers for fully virtualized (HVM) Linux guests in 2.6.36,
  and optimizations for the drivers in 2.6.37.
- Xen PCI front driver in Linux 2.6.37 for PCI passthru to Xen PV guests
  (works also with hardware where VT-d/IOMMU is not available).

There will also be a git kernel tree based on 2.6.37 with the backend
drivers and other not-yet-upstreamed patches included.

-- Pasi

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