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Bug#600992: further logs

Thanks again Ian, should you need more logs and/or tests please let us know

I understand that this problem may be related to the lost of connectivity problems we had in bugs 597865, 596635, 598057. As we "escaped" from *-23 kernel to solve these we met this other problem also related to netfront smartpoll not being disabled

anyway we'll keep the *-23 kernel for the time being till the additional patches will be merged with the debian kernel


Il 22/10/2010 14:49, Ian Campbell ha scritto:
This stack trace is familiar, the netfront smartpoll feature is buggy
and so was disabled (this part is in the Debian kernel) but initial
attempts to allow it to be disabled were a bit buggy (the Debian kernel
is missing these fixes).

I'll pull in the additional patches:
         fad2197bcb570350cb03c4ed789015baf0f86c81 xen/netfront: unconditionally initialize smartpoll hrtimer
         00abe504c5cf268b73c45232aba56949af628349 xen/netfront: Fix another potential race condition
         cb09635065163a933d0d00d077ddd9f0c0a908a1 Fix one race condition for netfront smartpoll logic


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