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Bug#600992: further logs

Thanks, I was just about to send you a rant about the lack of content in
the bug ;-)

On Fri, 2010-10-22 at 09:54 +0200, Tecnici wrote:
> Hello there, with versions above 2.6.32-23 of 
> xen-linux-system-2.6.32-5-xen-amd64 (we tried *-25 and *-26) we found 
> the following bug:

Does the problem occur with -25/-26 when it is used in the dom0 or the
domU or both?

Do you get any output on the domU console corresponding with the
migration attempt? (perhaps increase log level with "echo 9
> /proc/sysrq-trigger" before the suspend attempt)

>   We cannot suspend any domU machine so migration and save are broken, 
> because they both use the suspension. On /var/log/xen/xend.log I have:

[snip, thanks]

>   reverting to 2.6.32-23 made the suspension work again

I didn't think much changed xen-wise between these two intervals but I
will check.

I assume that the versions of xen-hypervisor* and xen-utils* have not

Ian Campbell
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* lilo hereby declares OPN a virtual pain in the ass :)

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