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Bug#599345: linux-image-2.6.32-5-amd64: iwlagn allocation failure

On Sun, 2010-10-10 at 20:03 +0100, Ben Hutchings wrote:

> > I have, however much more recently than that kernel, cleaned this up in
> > commit ff0d91c3eea6e25b47258349b455671f98f1b0cd -- this particular
> > allocation is now 2048 or 4096 bytes depending on the architecture (32
> > vs 64 bit pointers). If you want to backport this, there are two or
> > three more commits right before it that would probably be required.
> It seems like we can get away with a much smaller change though.
> Julien, could you test this patch?

Yes, that patch seems alright -- we can't end up using more than one.


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