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Bug#505609: loader varialbe in kernel maintainer scripts

On Fri, Jun 18, 2010 at 10:55:35AM -0400, Stephen Powell wrote:
> So far, Ben has only agreed to reinstate the historic function of
>    do_bootloader = yes
> in /etc/kernel-img.conf for Lenny kernel maintainer scripts.
> It hasn't actually happened yet, but
> he has agreed to restore its former function in Lenny as it was in Etch
> and previous releases.  I am trying to persuade him to restore its
> function in Squeeze too.  Whether or not I am successful remains to be
> seen. 

it is gone, get over it.

> In the mean time, for lilo users of Squeeze/Sid who use *only* official
> stock Debian kernels, I recommend that they use the hook script described
> in an earlier post to this bug log in conjunction with other appropriate
> settings in /etc/kernel-img.conf.

it is about time that lilo gets an hook script.
even extlinux has one although that one seems to trigger funny bug
reports, but we are used to forward such bugs.
> For lilo users of Squeeze/Sid who use
> custom kernels created by make-kpkg,

k-p is deprecated, use upstream way: make deb-pkg
needs no strange debian scripting and is maintained in linux-2.6 itself.

> As for "update-initramfs -u", it *will* invoke lilo if lilo is installed
> and "do_bootloader = yes" is specified in /etc/kernel-img.conf, which I
> highly recommend. 

this fall back will be gone as soon as squeeze is out.
so you'd really need to gear up.

>There are types of upgrades which do not affect the
> kernel itself but which do require that the initial RAM file system
> be re-built.  And for lilo users, it is essential that lilo be run after
> any changes are made to the initial RAM file system.  "update-initramfs -c"
> and "update-initramfs -d", however, will *not* invoke lilo, even if
> "do_bootloader = yes" is specified in /etc/kernel-img.conf.

yes in those case either you have valid hooks or an intelligent



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