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Bug#505609: loader varialbe in kernel maintainer scripts

Ben Hutchings <ben@decadent.org.uk> wrote on 2010-06-18 02:02:

> On Thu, 2010-06-17 at 20:37 -0400, Stephen Powell wrote:
> > On Thu, 17 Jun 2010 18:11:04 -0400 (EDT), Ben Hutchings wrote:
> > And how would one go about setting this "loader" variable?
> > The "loader" variable is not documented in the man page for
> > /etc/kernel-img.conf in Lenny, which appears to be the closest thing
> > there is to documentation for the variables supported by official
> > Debian stock kernel images.  Nevertheless, at your suggestion, I tried
> > putting
> > 
> >    loader = lilo
> > 
> > in /etc/kernel-img.conf.  ("do_bootloader = yes" was also set.)  Then I
> > issued
> > 
> >    dpkg-reconfigure linux-image-2.6.26-2-686
> > 
> > There was no evidence from the output that lilo was run.
> [...]
> I'm sorry, you're right.  Most of the other variables at the top of the
> postinst script can be overridden by /etc/kernel-img.conf, but not this
> one.  Given that, I think you are right that the 'historical' bootloader
> setting should be restored in an update to lenny.

Now I am a little confused. How is the recommended procedure for using the
LILO bootloader within squeeze/sid ? 
How I understand the normal installation of lilo package have the result,
that lilo doesn't be started after an kernel update (and also after update
of initramfs-tools ?). 
What must I config on my squeeze machine that lilo bootloader will be
automatically updated after kernel update?

Fondest regards,
 Joachim Wiedorn

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