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Bug#582275: ext3 filesystem corruption on md RAID1 device

On Jun 18, 2010, at 7:09 AM, Theodore Tso wrote:
> It could be an e2fsck bug, or it could be a hardware issue.  In my experience, every time
> I've tried digging into problems with e2fsck -fy not fixing all problems in a single
> pass, it's been a hardware problem.  That being said, multiply claimed blocks is
> something that isn't exercised that much, so it's *possible* that it is an e2fsck bug.
> I really would need a reproducible test case before I could do anything though.

And reviewing the thread, the fact that you are reliably getting directory corruption
every single time you're booting, and the reliability of the hardware has been 
called into question (forgive me for being a little suspicious of people trying
to do reliable storage using IDE devices).

-- Ted

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