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Bug#501969: details and possible patch

* Kieran Maclean <kam58@st-andrews.ac.uk> [Sam Okt 25, 2008 at 11:00:56 +0100]:

> The issue is present on machines such as this using lilo as the bootloader.

> It can also be reproduced on the same hardware by installing the etch.5
> kernel onto a clean etch install.

> The issue seems to be that the initramfs init script is passed the
> device number for the disk by lilo as the root= argument and creates a
> node in /dev (/dev/root) based on this.

> It then proceeds to attempt to mount this device as /root.
> Since the kernel has not yet finished detecting all devices this fails.
> The kernel then finishes detecting all devices and detects the root device.

> When using a clean install of lenny on the machine, the machine
> successfully boots, since the race condition is avoided by the default
> lilo.conf containing the argument
> 	append="rootdelay=10"
> which delays the attempt to mount the root device.

Any idea whether this issue is still present?

The "if [ "${root}" = "/dev/root" ]" stuff is present in nowadays
initramfs-tools versions and the typical use cases where
rootdelay=... was necessary work pretty well nowadays.
So I'm wondering whether the /dev/root issue when using lilo as
bootloader is still a problem.


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