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Bug#578349: linux-2.6: General update after the debconf review process (2nd version)

Quoting Ben Hutchings (ben@decadent.org.uk):

> > Translators have been working hard and here is now the result of their efforts.
> [...] 
> > It is now safe to upload a new package version with these changes.
> > 
> > Please notify me of your intents with regards to this. 
> [...]
> All applied, thanks.

I made an exception to  my usual policy and did *not* subscribe to the
PTS inn order to receive bug reports for the said package, while the
call for translations was running. So, I catched up with all pending
translations by going to the BTS and grabbing all l10n bug reports.

I *may* have missed some (because of the huge number of BR for
linux-2.6) in case they're not tagged l10n (which happens as some
translators do forget this).

In case this happened, I'll notice this later on with the l10n "radar"
that catches all opened debconf l10n bugs....once you've uploaded the
release of linux-2.6 that fixes the bunch of bug reports that are
included in my patch.

BTW, I'm deeply impressed (should I say "scared"?) by the pile of bugs
in linux-2.6. I'm indeed impressed to see you guys still able to
maintain that package..without giving up when bugs pile up this
way.... You deserve congratulations for that work.

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