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Bug#565696: initramfs-tools: Support for AoE

On Wed, 24 Feb 2010, C.J. Adams-Collier wrote:

> Yeah, I have some revisions.  I don't want that version going in to an
> official repository.  Mostly I wanted to open a dialogue.

> I'm using the modified version in order to build an initrd for use in a
> KVM virtual server.  I did a write-up:
> http://wp.colliertech.org/cj/?p=678
> Basically, the idea is to make it possible to do diskless virtual
> machines with a minimum of fuss.  I can't think of any easy way to make
> all the moving parts fit together.  I'm wrapping up an unrelated project
> at work, but I expect I'll have a bit more time to poke at this in the
> near future.

well i could ship it in examples section then AoE people would
just have to copy over or you could add it to a special aoe package.

iscsi or such seems in wider use, thus higher priority,
don't know if exerternal package does provide some boot scripts.

kind regards

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