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Bug#365349: Bug#568866: RFA: systemtap -- instrumentation system for Linux 2.6

On 08/02/10 at 14:39 +0100, Eugeniy Meshcheryakov wrote:
> It seems that this bug was not forwarded to debian-devel automatically.
> Let's try to do this now.
> 8 лютого 2010 о 14:06 +0100 Євгеній Мещеряков написав(-ла):
> > Package: wnpp
> > Severity: normal
> > 
> > I request an adopter for the systemtap package.
> > 
> > I have no time to properly support this package anymore. The package has
> > two open security bugs. One of them should be fixed in version from
> > experimental, but systemtap-server in this version does not work in
> > Debian. Patch for the other bug is available.
> > 
> > Otherwise package is bugs-clean (but it is ifluenced by some bugs in
> > elfutils, new version should fix some of them).
> > 
> > The package description is:
> >  SystemTap provides infrastructure to simplify the gathering of
> >  information about the running Linux system.
> >  This assists diagnosis of a performance or functional problem.
> >  SystemTap eliminates the need for the developer to go through the
> >  tedious and disruptive instrument, recompile, install, and reboot
> >  sequence that may be otherwise required to collect data.
> >  .
> >  SystemTap provides a simple command line interface and scripting
> >  language for writing instrumentation for a live running system.

I would be interested in co-maintaining systemtap. However, I'm not sure
that we should continue to try to provide a systemtap package, given
that it doesn't work out of the box because of #365349. (summary:
systemtap requires kernel built with debug info, which can be split into
a seperate package, but still requires quite a lot of archive space
(~300MiB per arch), and space on the buildd while building (> 2GiB))

It's pretty sad, because Debian is currently the only major distro where
systemtap doesn't work out of the box.
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