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Bug#565404: linux-image-2.6.26-2-amd64: atl1e: TSO is broken

Anders Boström <anders@netinsight.net> wrote:
>> IP-header length field, but is shorter.
>  >>
>  JY> following is my test cese,
>  JY> a nfs server server with ar8131chip, device id 1063.
> export /tmp/ dir as the nfs share directory,  JY> the client,
> mount the server_ip:/tmp to local dir /mnt/nfs, ust a python
> script to write and read data on the  JY>
> /mnt/nfs/testnfs.log. it works fine.
> OK, the device-ID in our NFS-server is 1026, rev. b0. So it
> is possible that the problem is specific to that chip/version.
oops, its my mistake in writing, my case is 1026 device ID

>  JY> Can you give me some advice on how to reproduce this bug??
> The only suggestion I have is to try to find a board with a
> 1026-chip on it.
> My test-case is just copy of a 1 Gbyte file from the
> NFS-server to /dev/null , after making sure that the file
> isn't cached on the client by reading huge amounts of other data.
just to check, if the kernel version is 2.6.26-2 ??

Best wishes

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