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Bug#552296: acknowledged by developer (closing 552296)

En/na Martin Michlmayr ha escrit:
* Xan <dxpublica@telefonica.net> [2009-10-29 17:40]:
Good news, Martin. So in squeeze there is no a bug. But what happens
with this bug in lenny?.
I don't know the debian bug policy. What do you do in that case with
this bug? It's a wontfix bug, invalid? pending? I'm not enter here,
because really it's a technical discussion (debian bugs policy)
because in squeeze there is no such bug.

It cannot be fixed in lenny,
Why? What's the technical reason?
What do you think of put an optional script when updating kernel that tests if fstab has UUID and suggests, before upgrade kernel, to change fstab entries to UUID entries (it points to some documentation of how to do that)?

 but I'll add a troubleshooting section to
the NSLU2 page with information about this problem.
Great for doing that, Martin. Can you put the link for informational things? Is it that: http://www.nslu2-linux.org/wiki/Debian/TroubleShooting ?


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