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Bug#517748: linux-image-2.6.26-1-686 System locks up under heavy disk load (MD Resync e.g.)

Here's an update.
With an Ubuntu Live CD (using 2.6.24) I could mount the raid sets and
recover just some data without issues. I rebuild the system using
Ubuntu with a 2.6.24 kernel. All issues with the disk
performance/corruption are gone now. The system is racing at full
speed again with this kernel. For me this confirms there's something
seriously wrong in the 2.6.26 kernel. I am guessing the problems I've
had are all related (with the promise controller and with the new
Sil3124 controller) because I've had nothing but trouble with disk
access ever since I got to the 2.6.26 kernel.

Fix or workaround?
Install a 2.6.24 kernel rather then 2.6.26. Too bad that kernel
version is no longer in the Debian repositories.



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