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Bug#522956: firmware-matrox: g200-warp firmware from firmware-linux kills system on 3d-acceleration

On Tue, 2009-04-07 at 19:21 +0300, David Baron wrote:
> Package: firmware-linux
> Version: 0.16?
> Severity: critical
> Justification: breaks the whole system
> As of 2.6.29 kernels, this (nonfree?) code is broken out of the kernel's driver and loaded from this package.
> The mga driver for Matrox g200 mila card worked before when this separate firmware was not necessary.

Sorry about this.  No-one has previously reported the results of the
patch to separate Matrox firmware so it may not have been tested before
it was included in the 2.6.29 package.

> Now, any attempt to start a 3d-accelerated app (i.e. games like chromium or
> ppracer) will freeze the entire system. Only logged error will be x existed
> suddenly or such.

If you have another computer on the local network, can you try enabling
netconsole and capturing kernel messages up to the crash?

What happens if you uninstall the firmware?  The result should be a
fallback to software rendering.


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