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Re: lenny updates

On Mon, Feb 23, 2009 at 04:47:35PM -0700, dann frazier wrote:
> hey,
>  The first lenny update	is scheduled for early	April, so I wanted to
> start coordinating the kernel update.
> Security
> --------
> The lenny-security branch is currently caught up on security issues,
> so I'd like to release a DSA later this week. I'd appreciate it if the
> individual arch maintainers could test builds from this branch ahead
> of time. The CVE-2009-0029 touch a lot of arch-specific code and
> though they applied pretty easily to the lenny kernel, it'd still be
> good to get some testing there. I noticed that the snapshot archive
> now has a lenny-security dist for some archs (thanks waldi)

fyi, turns out there was a build problem w/ mipsen. That should be
fixed, but I'm waiting for results from other arches before trying

> Stable
> ------
> There are several fixes queued up for a stable upload. I have a
> few more small fixes from jmm to review/commit as well, and it looks
> like tbm has an RTC regression fix pending. I've seen mentions of
> OpenVZ fixes from Ola/maks - what is the status of those? Are there
> any other changes people are working on?
> ABI changes
> -----------
> The security fixes don't currently break the ABI. It sounds like the
> openvz fixes are ABI-breaking?. If it is going to be ready for this
> update and does break the ABI, I'd also like to get the hppa
> large-module fix in. And, of course, we'll need to notify the d-i team
> of this change.

dann frazier

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