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Bug#478419: linux-image-2.6.25: firewire ipod no longer works under kernels >= 2.6.22 with new firewire stack


> My firewire ipod no longer works with either the new juju firewire stack

could you try 2.6.25 that is in unstable is it working there?
if not you can try 2.6.26-rc6 snapshot.

> The ipod connects fine and I can see the music, but when I try to write

if it still doesn't work on the 2 aboves version, please file an bug
report in bugzilla.kernel.org and let us know the bug number.

The ipod now works if I load the firewire_sbp2 module with workarounds=0x1. This applies also to the sbp2 module in the older stack. More detail here:


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