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Bug#476715: Order detect of Disk scsi and HBA Fiber Channel (qla2xxx)

On Fri, Apr 18, 2008 at 12:02:08PM -0400, Patrick Mayrand wrote:
> server6 disk in raid51 HBA Fiber Channel (qla2xxx) On the boot of my
> linux image, 1 times on 3 it works. When it works  My local disk is
> sda $ dmesg ...qla2xxx 0000:04:04.0: Found an ISP2312, irq 201,
> iobase 0xf8842000

Try using the names under /dev/disk/by-* (/dev/disk/by-uuid) instead
of names like sda, sdb. Device enumeration isn't guaranteed to be
consistent across reboots.

dann frazier

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