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bnx2 fw splitout / 2.6.24

I've been looking into adding the bnx2 driver back into 2.6.24 so that
this driver is available for etchnhalf.

Bastian's created a firmware splitout patch[1] for the 2.6.25 kernel,
which has had some changes to the fw structuring since 2.6.24. I could
see two routes for proceeding - adapt the fwcutter source to handle
the 2.6.24 model, or update the 2.6.24 driver compatible w/ the
existing patch.

It turned out to be very straightforward to backport the 2.6.25 driver
changes to 2.6.24 (all changesets but one were local to the driver),
indeed there are some bug fixes there that look quite valuable
(e.g. the fixes for bladed systems). Here's a patch for that approach,
seems to work well on my dl380g5:


Opinions on applying this to etchnhalf?

If we add it into etchnhalf it would obviously be nice to have it in
sid as well - but its probably not worth delaying the pending upload
(which maybe happenging today?) for this.

[1] http://lists.debian.org/debian-kernel/2008/02/msg00278.html

dann frazier

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