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Re: project smith review linux-2.6 templates

Christian Perrier wrote:
> Here's a complete rewrite.

My comments, slightly delayed by a weekend AFK.

> Template: =ST-image-=V/preinst/bootloader-initrd-=V
>  You are attempting to install an initrd kernel image (version =V)
>  This will not work unless the boot loader is configured to use an
>  initrd.

Missing punctuation on that first sentence: "(version =V)."
Likewise in other templates.

>  This message will appear for any new kernel installation unless the
>  following is added to  /etc/kernel-img.conf:
Trivial whitespace surplus, also repeated.

> Template: =ST-image-=V/preinst/lilo-has-ramdisk
>  The following line in /etc/lilo.conf should be removed or commented out,
>  since the system uses initrd/initramfs:

That use of slash to mean "or" is a bad idea in amongst all these
/file/paths; say "initrd (or initramfs):" (do I correctly remember
that the latter is unlikely these days?)
> Template: =ST-image-=V/preinst/abort-install-=V
> _Description: Aborting install since loading an initrd kernel image

This use of "since" (to mean "because", I deduce from other
templates) is unclear.  If the reason for the abort is that the
infrastructure isn't in place to boot the kind of kernel image
being installed, perhaps just:

  _Description: Aborting install of initrd kernel image
  _Description: Aborting install of unsupported initrd kernel image

>  If ${modules_base}/=V/kernel belongs to a old install of
s/a old/an old/

>  It is recommended to abord the installation unless you are

> Template: =ST-image-=V/preinst/abort-overwrite-=V
>  As the question that's relevant for this situation
>  was not shown, =ST-image-=V installation is aborted.

Probably s/is/has been/, here and elsewhere.

> Template: =ST-image-=V/postinst/create-kimage-link-=V
> _Description:  Create a symbolic link to the current kernel image?
>  There is no ${kimage} symbolic link.
>  .
>  Such link can be created now and will be updated by newer kernel
>  image packages. This will
>  be useful with some boot loaders such as LILO.

Is that "newer" as in "post-2.6.X" or "newer" as in "subsequently

Incidentally, /vmlinux symlinks also seem to be required for kexec!

> Template: =ST-image-=V/postinst/kimage-is-a-directory
> _Description:  Image symbolic link destination is a directory, aborting
Another leading surplus space.

> Template: =ST-image-=V/postinst/depmod-error-=V
> _Description: Abort installation after depmod error?
>  The 'depmod' command exited with ${exit_value} (${SIGNAL}${CORE})
>  as exit code.

Hmm, I suppose that's grammatical, but what I'd say is "exited with
the exit code ${exit_value} (${SIGNAL}${CORE})", or maybe "gave the
exit code..."

>  This may be benign, for instance because of versioned symbol names.
>  .
>  Please choose whether the installation should be aborted of the error
>  just ignored.

s/of/or/, I assume.
> Template: =ST-image-=V/postinst/depmod-error-initrd-=V
>  Since this image uses initrd, the ${modules_base}/=V/modules.dep file
>  will not be deleted, even it could be invalid.

s/even it could/even though it may/?

>  You should abort the installation and fix the
>  errors in depmod, or regenerate the initrd image with a known good
>  modules.dep file. If you don't abort the installation, there are
>  chances that the system fails to boot.

Say "there is a danger that the system will fail to boot".
>  However, all the programs that look at the
>  information in the map files (including top, ps, and klogd)
>  also will look at /boot/System.map-=V.

That's "will also look".

>  Some programs may however give priority to /System.map and it
>  is therefore recommended to delate that link.


> Template: shared/kernel-image/really-run-bootloader
>  Please choose whether the default boot loader should be run now
>  or let the postinst hook update GRUB later.

That should be something like:

   Please choose which should run: the default boot loader now, or
   the GRUB update later.

> Template: =ST-image-=V/prerm/would-invalidate-boot-loader-=V
> _Description: Abort kernel removal?
>  This system uses a valid /etc/${loader}.conf file that mentions
>  ${kimage}-=V. Removing =ST-image-=V will invalidate
>  that file.
>  .
>  You will then need to edit /etc/${loader}.conf or re-target
>  symbolic links mentioned there (typically, /vmlinuz and /vmlinuz.old)
>  to not refer to ${kimage}-=V. Then, you will have to re-run ${loader}).
Surplus closing parenthesis.  Also, too many "then"s; drop the one in
"You will then need".
JBR	with qualifications in linguistics, experience as a Debian
	sysadmin, and probably no clue about this particular package

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