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Bug#471062: ixp4xx: stalls and I/O errors when reading and writing via NFS

* Paul Collins <paul@burly.ondioline.org> [2008-03-16 04:34]:
> I recently upgraded my NSLU2 from etch/arm to lenny/armel.  I had no
> problems throwing any amount of NFS traffic at it when I was on arm
> (kernel linux-image-2.6.18-6-ixp4xx version 2.6.18.dfsg.1-18etch1), but
> now that I'm on armel I get a lot of messages from nfsd in dmesg.
> When reading:
>         nfsd: recvfrom returned errno 14

OK, I can reproduce this with 2.6.24 on arm on a NSLU2.  However, I
don't see it with 2.6.25-rc6.

Gordon, any idea how many changes there were between 2.6.24 and
Martin Michlmayr

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