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Regarding image editing

 Very good morning,

 I was browsing the internet and came across your web site. I appreciate the site
 and got interested in it, i think my work can help your business too.

 We provide image/photo editing services. (professionally hand made)
 [clipping path, masking, colour correction, logo, banner]. Since i am
 contacting you personally, i would like to offer free work for 3 images 
 so that you can see our work and its quality.

 This will help you to utilize your time in more creative work and improve
 your business. It will be worth looking at the samples, quality of work 
 and low prices for such  services.

 With our large resources pool we are delivering thousands of images in 24

 Please see samples at http://www.tracingworld.in/
(Price starts from 0.75 $ per picture)


 You can avail the offer of 3 test pictures by sending us email .

 If the size is big please upload it on our server, we will create a ftp
 account for you without any charges.

Sales Manager

 Tracing World Pvt Ltd
No 50 ,Shreyas Complex
2nd floor,YNT
Bangalore , india 560064

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