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Bug#437344: seemingly random SATA disk lockup with ICH5: amazing way to ask for more info on the BTS

[ removed useless -devel cc ]

On Fri, Sep 14, 2007 at 06:33:31PM +0200, Mathieu Roy wrote:
> I concur. 
> But, still, clearly, one cannot ask for info, more input from the user, while 
> at the same time disregard 99% of the info already provided.
> Well, I hope that you are right and that is a /misunderstanding/. But I feel 
> these last year that this kind of /misunderstanding/ happen often on the 
> Debian BTS. Here  we are talking about linux and SATA support, not really a 
> secondary issue of an obscure piece of software. That's why I raised the 
> issue at debian-devel, I would be glad if it serves as a reminder to Debian 
> developers that even if users obviously owe something to them, handling 
> honestly reports is part of the deal.
> If each time one a user of debian testing get to his documented bug reports as 
> only answer to use another version of the software (meaning switching to 
> unstable, which he may not want to/be able to), that won't do.
> Well, end of the story for me. Thanks Luk for your attention. 

any unstable kernel installs just fine on testing.

woow instead of loosing blabla time a simple upgrade could have
been done long ago. i told you the reality 2.6.21 is _not_ supported.
it is also certainly not the version with which Lenny or any d-i
will be released.

so your report is missing vital info.

best regards


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