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Re: [etch] driver updates for 2.6.18?

On Mon, Aug 20, 2007 at 07:00:51PM +0200, maximilian attems wrote:
> On Mon, 20 Aug 2007, Frederik Schueler wrote:
> > I would like to update a few drivers in 2.6.18 for the next point
> > release of etch:
> > 
> > - e1000 (PCIe NICs support)
> > - forcedeth (newer onboard NICs stop working on load)
> > - 3w-9xxx (9650 controllers support)
> > 
> > I guess there are a couple more drivers requiring an update. 
> go wild,
> dannf will be pleased if !regression.

and by "go wild", of course he means file a bug of >= important
severity (lack of hardware support == important) with a patch and
explain why you believe it to not regress any hardware support (for
example, if it just adds pci ids, or if you've tested any at-risk

> > Before the release of Etch, we discussed the possibility of a kernel
> > upgrade during the Etch life cycle. I wonder if we should backport
> > drivers at all, or start working on releasing 2.6.22 or .23 for etch?
> .21 was the worst lately,
> .22 is shaping up and .23 looks nice.
> plan is to stay on the boat of fedora 8 and to have iwlifi + e1000e on
> the etch+1 kernel. i'm preparing that.

what do you mean "on the boat of fedora 8" and what exactly are you
preparing? did I miss a discussion somewhere?

> otavio will take care of the d-i side of the thing.s

yeah, this is a topic for the next d-i meeting

dann frazier

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