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Re: [etch] driver updates for 2.6.18?

On Mon, 20 Aug 2007, Frederik Schueler wrote:

> I would like to update a few drivers in 2.6.18 for the next point
> release of etch:
> - e1000 (PCIe NICs support)
> - forcedeth (newer onboard NICs stop working on load)
> - 3w-9xxx (9650 controllers support)
> I guess there are a couple more drivers requiring an update. 

go wild,
dannf will be pleased if !regression.
> Before the release of Etch, we discussed the possibility of a kernel
> upgrade during the Etch life cycle. I wonder if we should backport
> drivers at all, or start working on releasing 2.6.22 or .23 for etch?

.21 was the worst lately,
.22 is shaping up and .23 looks nice.

plan is to stay on the boat of fedora 8 and to have iwlifi + e1000e on
the etch+1 kernel. i'm preparing that.

otavio will take care of the d-i side of the thing.s


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