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Bug#429622: AMD/ATI SB700 support to Debian

Hi Dann:

Do you mean you need our test to the point release kernel on
I think I can ask our QA's help to test it. And I have one question

Is there any installation CD/DVD ISO image of "point release", which can
downloaded and burnt into CD/DVD? (It seems that there is no such ISO
If there is no such image, we need to install etch(4.0) on a non-SB700
then upgrade the linux kernel into the version you mentioned, and try to
boot this updated kernel on SB700 board, Am I right?
Because I think etch(4.0) can NOT be installed onto SB700 board


>  Of course, the only way you will know if we are looking at candidate
> upstreams for the next release is to follow along with the
> debian-kernel list. If you don't really want to do that, you can
> simply file the bugs and include a mention of which upstream kernel
> fixes it (and, as always, pointers to exact git changesets are
> ideal).
>  That all said, I'd really like to see new hardware support get added
> into the *existing* etch (4.0) release instead of forcing users to
> wait for lenny for stable release support. Hardware support can be
> added in what we call 'point releases'. The kernel for the first point
> release (4.0r1) is already done and has been for some time, but we can
> start testing patches for the point release (4.0r2) now.
>  On that note, I've backported the various patches you've pointed me
> to and committed them as they are all now upstream. This will result
> in snapshot builds which you can pull and test. See the snapshots
> section for etch here:
>   http://wiki.debian.org/DebianKernel
> This was committed in r9249, so you'll want to be sure to grab a
> kernel of version 2.6.18.dfsg.1-14~snapshot.9249 or greater.
>  I don't have the hardware in question, so all I've been able to test
> is that it builds cleanly. Can you test these for us or help us find
> some users who can? I'd like to get positive feedback on both the
> SB600 and SB700 before releasing. Please direct that feedback to this
> bug report.

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