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Re: AMD/ATI SB700 support to Debian

On Fri, Jul 13, 2007 at 07:25:49PM +0800, Shane Huang wrote:
> Greetings:
> More SATA device IDs should be added to support sb700 completely,
> otherwise
> Debian may fail to be installed on ATI SB700 when set "onchip SATA type"
> in BIOS into "AHCI" mode. There are four SATA related device IDs in
> SB700:
> 0x4390, SATA in IDE mode
> 0x4391, SATA in AHCI mode
> 0x4392, SATA in RAID mode with Promise non-Raid5 driver
> 0x4393, SATA in RAID mode with Promise Raid5 driver
> This is different from SB600, there is only one SATA Device ID in SB600,
> which is 0x4380.
> In the previous SATA patch to SB700, we only add 0x4390. This patch
> provide the other three device IDs, otherwise Linux might NOT be
> installed
> when set SATA into "AHCI" mode in BIOS.
> Could you please add this patch into Debian(4.1?) before it's
> release?

hey Shane,
 Note that Debian has not yet frozen on a kernel for the 4.1
release. We try to keep the latest upstream releases in sid/testing,
but just because e.g., 2.6.21 is currently in lenny, it does not mean
that we plan to ship lenny with 2.6.21. In fact, its much more likely
to be something closer to 2.6.24. And, since you've done the right
thing and gotten this patch upstream, it will automatically appear in
Debian - nothing you need to do on your side.

 However, as we get closer to the lenny release and start looking for
candidate kernels to ship with, getting reports from vendors about
missing support is very useful and best done with a bug
report. Missing hardware support bugs should be of severity
'important' by default.

 Of course, the only way you will know if we are looking at candidate
upstreams for the next release is to follow along with the
debian-kernel list. If you don't really want to do that, you can
simply file the bugs and include a mention of which upstream kernel
fixes it (and, as always, pointers to exact git changesets are

 That all said, I'd really like to see new hardware support get added
into the *existing* etch (4.0) release instead of forcing users to
wait for lenny for stable release support. Hardware support can be
added in what we call 'point releases'. The kernel for the first point
release (4.0r1) is already done and has been for some time, but we can
start testing patches for the point release (4.0r2) now.

 On that note, I've backported the various patches you've pointed me
to and committed them as they are all now upstream. This will result
in snapshot builds which you can pull and test. See the snapshots
section for etch here:

This was committed in r9249, so you'll want to be sure to grab a
kernel of version 2.6.18.dfsg.1-14~snapshot.9249 or greater.

 I don't have the hardware in question, so all I've been able to test
is that it builds cleanly. Can you test these for us or help us find
some users who can? I'd like to get positive feedback on both the
SB600 and SB700 before releasing. Please direct that feedback to this
bug report.

dann frazier

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