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Re: help to add modules drivers on bootable media

On Sat, Aug 04, 2007 at 05:08:28PM +0200, b2v wrote:
> I search for a way to add my SATA2 controller drivers modules in a
> bootable media. I need this because i received new servers whith SAS
> ontroller card  not detected by the kernel, and when i launch the
> installation, hard disks are not detected.

You can try the lenny installer, which comes with a newer kernel. Also,
if we know which one it is, you can ask us for a backport.

> I found kernel modules drivers for this card on the manufacturer web
> site. i have compiled the modules on a test machine and i would like to
> know if i add the modules in initrd gzipped file on the installation
> media     , does this module will be available on the new fresh
> installation after   reboot ?

No, you need to this by hand.


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