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Bug#401916: Bug 401916: analysis and suggested solution

Frans Pop wrote:
On Monday 19 February 2007 21:22, David Härdeman wrote:
The only problem with the approach is that a large majority of all
machines have usb which means that we'll slow down the boot for all
those machines even though a small minority are affected.

That's a very, very ugly solution then. I'd almost say it's unacceptable to add more than 1, maybe 2 seconds for something like this.
Is there really no way to avoid that?

Of course there is, I described it earlier in the bug log - do not add any timeout but document the "rootdelay" parameter in the release notes and let affected users set it to an appropriate value themselves (and there's a good long-term solution as well...but you'll have to read the BR for that one :))

David Härdeman

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