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Bug#411170: SATA failures with amd64 version of Etch

dann frazier wrote:
hey Bob,
  Its very likely that the success of the i386 install wasn't due to
the architecture, but rather to a newer kernel used (kernel has changed
significantly between 20061110 and 20070215). Please try the 20070215
amd64 installer.

Thanks, Dann. I'll give it a try. I was trying (but I guess didn't succeed very well) to pull down the frozen release candidate of Etch when I downloaded the 20061110 images. (I've been planning a switch from RedHat to Debian for my main server, and was trying to time it with the release of Debian 4.0. I figured I'd do my part by testing it before the release to see if I could catch any bugs before it went out the door. Can you tell me which version is the release candidate for 4.0?)
I'll report back the results with the newer kernel.

Bob Kline

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