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Bug#411170: SATA failures with amd64 version of Etch

On Fri, Feb 16, 2007 at 02:29:36PM -0500, Bob Kline wrote:
> I have saved as much of syslog as was flushed right before giving up (at
> the rate it was going it would have taken days to finish -- if ever --
> what completed successfully in under a half hour using the i386 version)
> on the last attempt (I also have the complete partman log), and will be
> happy to post them (or make them available via HTTP) if you believe they
> will be of any use.
> I have run hardware diagnostic tests on the drives and on the memory,
> and everything is reported as healthy.  I did the same installation
> successfully using the i386 version of Etch.  For the successful
> installation only two changes were made:
>  1. I left the results of partitioning the hardware disks from the
>     last pass with the amd64 installer, and picked up with doing
>     the RAID configuration as before; and
>  2. i selected a different ethernet device.
> Debian versions:
> Debian GNU/Linux testing "Etch" - Official Snapshot amd64 Binary-1
> (20061110) [failed]
> Debian GNU/Linux testing "Etch" - Official Snapshot i386 Binary-1
> 20070215-23:10 [succeeded]

hey Bob,
  Its very likely that the success of the i386 install wasn't due to
the architecture, but rather to a newer kernel used (kernel has changed
significantly between 20061110 and 20070215). Please try the 20070215
amd64 installer.

dann frazier

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