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Re: Bug#400752: linux-modules-extra-2.6: include ndiswrapper

Sam Morris <sam@robots.org.uk> writes:

> It seemed that this bug was being ignored on the pretext that the
> submitter's email address didn't work, which seems like a stupid reason
> not to include ndiswrapper in linux-modules-2.6-extra. I am just a user
> who wants to reduce the amount of pain he has to go through to get his
> stupid wireless networking hardware to work. Of course I would prefer to
> use bcm43xx, but it does not work with my device (14e4:4318).

Would be nice if you could report another bug report about the lack of
support for your adapter to the respective package. That would help
you and others too.

I'm also a supporter for ndiswrapper inclusion on the l-m-2.6-e
package set.

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