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Bug#400752: linux-modules-extra-2.6: include ndiswrapper

Sam Morris wrote:
> Right, but who is Kel--just the bug submitter? I would have submitted a
> bug myself if I didn't notice this one already in the BTS.

Kel is co-maintainer of ndiswrapper and uses his broken email address
not just for reporting bugs but also to maintain his packages.

> It seemed that this bug was being ignored on the pretext that the
> submitter's email address didn't work, which seems like a stupid reason
> not to include ndiswrapper in linux-modules-2.6-extra.

It has been said that the maintainer must agree before his packages are
going to be included. As of now, there is no such sign of agreement,
just a "signal of noice" from a non-working email address.

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