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Bug#409243: fails to boot.

Il giorno mer, 07/02/2007 alle 01.39 +0100, maximilian attems ha
> hmm i'd also be interested in:
> ls -l /sbin/modprobe
> dpkg -l module-init-tools

. /conf/initramfs.conf
no results.

. /scripts/functions
no results.

"unable to find volume group vg00".

vgchange -ay vg00
"unable to find volume group vg00".

vgchange -ay
"no volumes group found".

dpkg -l lvm2 libdevmapper1.02
ii  lvm2           2.01.04-5      The Linux Logical Volume Manager

I don't have libdevmapper1.02 but libdevmapper1.01 installed.

dpkg -l module-init-tools
ii  module-init-to 3.3-pre3-1     tools for managing Linux kernel

ls -l /sbin/modprobe
-rwxr-xr-x  1 root root 26656 2006-12-08 11:26 /sbin/modprobe

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