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Bug#409243: fails to boot.

On Tue, Feb 06, 2007 at 12:59:00PM +0100, Mauro Sanna wrote:
> --- Physical volume ---
>   PV Name               /dev/hda2
>   VG Name               vg00

> > hmmm ok so it's not a race in your case,
> > what happens if you run in the rescue shell
> > . /conf/initramfs.conf
> > . /scripts/functions
> > ./scripts/local-top/lvm
> ./conf/initramfs.conf and ./scripts/function says permission denied.
> ./scripts/local-top/lvm says
> "unable to find volume group 00".

well the no permission is clear,
pay attention to the space between the dot and the conf and functions
file, that means you source those files,
while the last one is executed, please retry.

what happens if you issue per hand from the rescue console:
vgchange -ay vg00

and if that does not help
vgchange -ay

also please append the output of
dpkg -l lvm2 libdevmapper1.02



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