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ti_usb's firmware (Re: Solving the linux-2.6 firmware issue)


On 2007-01-06, Frederik Schueler <fs@debian.org> wrote:
> Now, removing all these drivers is a workaround so we can release ASAP.
> The real solution needs to be addressed after the release, as was
> already stated in the discussion prior to the GR:
> - have vendors re-release the drivers including the complete source of=20
>   the firmwares under a DFSG compatible license or
> - patch the drivers to use request_firmware(), and have vendors relicense
>   the firmwares so we can at least ship the drivers in the modules-nonfree=
>   package


Is it possible to have ti_usb serial driver patched with adoption of
request_firmware()? I've posted rfc patch month+ ago. Even shown up
author of the driver requested just to split emacs' visiting and the
rest. One useful thing may be to have a file in doc/ expaining how to
have this driver working. Smart upstream guys implemented function, that
helps to get rid of udev on installatin of the driver is in 2.6.19.
A set of devices, covered by this driver is small, thus udev issues are
minor, documentation is sufficient.

Author's comments are here:
Message-ID: <1166263648.4583c5604ffc1@my.visi.com>

Now i'm back after many successive disasters in rl and i can finish
this up. But it can happen only in case of "ASAP" expanding on this.


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