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Re: Kernel schedule proposal for Etch

On Wednesday 16 August 2006 11:57, Frederik Schueler wrote:
> today: start migration of 2.6.17 kernel and udebs to testing
> 15.09: upload 2.6.18 to unstable [1]
> 01.10: migrate 2.6.18 kernel and udebs to testing

For the first and third items above: you cannot just migrate new kernel 
udebs to testing. This can only be done as part of a Debian Installer 
release. The plan will have to be adjusted to reflect that.
Migrating kernel images without the corresponding kernel udebs is not a 

For the second and third items above: I feel that allowing only 15 days 
between getting 2.6.18 into unstable and migrating it to testing is 
unrealistically optimistic. Every recent kernel minor release has seen 
regressions and RC bugs that took quite a bit longer than that to get 
fixed and to get the kernel in a state where it would be acceptable for 
I would prefer a plan where 2.6.18 remained in unstable a lot longer than 
this schedule (at least a month).

For D-I we are tentatively planning a release at the end of september. It 
looks most likely that we should go with 2.6.17 for that.
Having 2.6.18 kernel images in unstable at that time does not need to 
prevent that plan, as we can just postpone uploading 2.6.18 kernel udebs.

We can then change D-I to start using 2.6.18 immediately after that 
release and try to get people to test that using daily built images on a 
big scale.


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