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Kernel schedule proposal for Etch


we should finally agree on which kernel version we want to release etch
with, and on an appropriate timeframe.

The goal should be obvious: release Etch on December, 4th.

All kernel team members I asked so far would prefer a release with
2.6.18, which is likely to be released upstream within the next 4 weeks.
The Debian installer team obviously would like as much time as possible
to find out and fix all emerging bugs.

Trying to put both requirements together, the kernel release schedule 
could look as follows:

today: start migration of 2.6.17 kernel and udebs to testing

15.09: upload 2.6.18 to unstable [1] 

01.10: migrate 2.6.18 kernel and udebs to testing

04.11: freeze kernel - No more changes to the testing version. Start of
       security support for the kernel on security.d.o [2]

04.12: release 

I would like to keep the non-free firmware discussion as a separate topic, 
thus it is not considerer in this schedule. 

I'd like some feedback from both the installer and release team if they
think this is a feasible way for further action; if so, I'll also
contact the security team for begin of security support.

Best regards
Frederik Schueler

[1] The 2.6.18 release obviously depends on the upstream schedule, but 4
weeks from now is realistic considering the 2.6.18-rc4 status.

[2] Kernel freeze as in: security fixes will go into a branch targeted 
at security.d.o and proposed-updates. We won't touch the kernel in Etch 
after the freeze, but for extreme security issues affecting the 
installation process, like remote root exploits. All other issues will
be addressed as needed in a security update and future point releases.


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