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Bug#381677: initramfs-tools: Temporary files and initramfs world-readable

On Mon, Aug 14, 2006 at 01:34:28AM +0200, Jonas Smedegaard wrote:
> I did not file this bugreport. I agree with the worried bugreporter,
> but am not in the mood for fighting, so if you cannot use my attempts at
> helping you to a deeper understanding of *why* we are worried, then so
> be it.

the bugreporter packs an gpg key into the initrd,
which is not a standard setup!

i'm still waiting for a specific leakage that is happening in
the initrd-tools and initramfs-tools generation in a Debian default
setup. until a specific file is named there is no need for
initramfs-tools to be paranoid.

> If you believe yaird does things in a wrong way, then please discuss it
> through bugreports against that package.

i'm subuscribed to yaird bug reports and occisonaly i reply to them
if they aquire attention.

i've removed the patch tag, as the proposed patch is nacked,
so we need for your loop-aes pleasure a specific config dir
for mkinitramfs UMASK setting, other packages may want to
set BUSYBOX=yes there or whatever.

i'll prepare something that way for the next release, once 0.73e has
hit testing.

best regards


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