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Re: [dannf@debian.org: removing 2.4 from etch/sid]

> d-i is currently paying (at least some) attention to amiga, atari,
> q40, *vme*, and mac.
> Of those, only amiga seems to be ready for a full switch to 2.6. mac
> works on some hardware.

That's been my impression. Christian has been working on 2.6 for Atari
lately though.

> To my knowledge *vme* and atari don't have large followings. Although
> we do have buildds running for those subarchs, I believe they are

Buildds are running _on_ Atari. not for Atari :-)

> running with custom kernels anyway. Atari requires patches not in the
> kernel packages as I recall.

IIRC 2.4.30 worked pretty much out of the box except for the serial driver
(which is crucial for networking ATM). On _my_ CT60 I had to hack a bit
more, but I guess I'm the only one with the CT60 installed on top of a 030
clock booster :-) 2.4 for stock Atari and even CT60 on stock Falcon should
work out of the box.

> So, as long as we're not dropping full support for 2.4 in other
> subsystems, I don't see a problem.

Right. What subsystems might be affected?


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