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Bug#358153: testing (etch): cannot boot on software raid

* maximilian attems <maks@sternwelten.at> [2006-03-21 14:37]:

> > The raid1 kernel module appears to be in the initrd image, but is not
> > loaded. Loading it manually does not create /dev/md{012}. Grub has set
> > root=/dev/md0.
> can you provide further infor from the busybox shell:
> * did the devices /dev/hdc*, /dev/hde* got created?

No. Additionally, dmesg displays something I'm not sure how to interpret:

ata1: SATA max UDMA/133 cmd 0x6800 ctl 0x6402 bmdma 0x5400 irq 74
ata2: SATA max UDMA/133 cmd 0x6000 ctl 0x5802 bmdma 0x5408 irq 74
ATA: abnormal status 0x7f on port 0x6807
ata1: disabling port
scsi0 : ata_piix
ATA: abnormal status 0x7f on port 0x6007
ata2: disabling port
scsi1 : ata_piix

> * if not was piix loaded? (cat /proc/modules)

Yes, loaded.

> * what was your cat /proc/cmdline

root=/dev/md0 ro

> * does cat /proc/mdstat show something when dropped in?

No (except from the usual "personalities: [raid1], unused devices:

> try to run the md boot script by hand:
> . ./conf/initramfs.conf
> . ./scripts/functions
> . ./scripts/local
> ./scripts/local-top/md

No errors (and no output).

> # check if /dev/md0 is there

Not there.

> mountroot

"/dev/md0 does not exist, dropping to a shell!"

Vegard Svanberg <vegard@svanberg.no> [*Takapa@IRC (EFnet)]

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