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Bug#354458: Kernel panic after upgrading initramfs-tools

[ please keep the bug report on cc, or i'll really get angry. ]

On Fri, 17 Mar 2006, Manuel Bilderbeek wrote:

> Should I dpkg -i this package from the chroot and then do the
> update-initramfs line from the original reply you sent to my original bug
> report?

the easiest thing for your is to look for your next local debian expert.

you may have forgotten to install the grub package inside of your chroot.
you'll get an chroot from an recent debian etch beta 2 installer,
which you can boot with "rescue" and there is an reinstall grub
in the rescue operation menu (which will rerun the grub-install you
already tried) but not install grub itself that you need to do from the
> again sorry for your troubles.

naa i'm sorry for your troubles, but yeah that is the price of
testing/unstable that sometimes it's a tough right.
> I guess this is the risk of running testing nowadays... I never had so much
> trouble, though.
> How can I prevent it in the future?
always keep 2 linux-images to boot into it,
initramfs-tools only updates your newest one.


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