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Re: removal of svenl from the project

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Dear Friends,

First of all i apologise for my poor english (portuguese :-))

I follow de dev lists of debian for several months now, my knowlege in
linux whas not so good so i never applyed to be a developper and also
my time isnt much :-(. (maybe i will change that soon)

Being a pleasent system (IMHO The Best), Debian picked my attention
for the software but """also for the ideals""".

I probably shouldnt be wryting to a list where nobody knows me but
here it goes!!!!

Now really people, i dot think matters like this being discussed is in
the interess of anyone. One because he gets mad to everyone and says
thing not so pleasent (dont think im trying to excuse that :-)), other
because they feal like my wife when i "accidentally lol" brake my
keyboard against the wall, and start to think that nobody loves them
etc etc etc

Friends, please keep in mind the following:

- -YOU ALL are important has you are, with your deffects and qualityes.
- -Linux world needs more people not kick out anyone!!! Can whe really
afford that ??
- -Community is some times problems and if you dont like it, please work
on your own not with anybody else.

This being said i will ask everyone the following:

PLEASE keep up the good work and correct bugs, enjoy developing new
things, help hus linux lovers to bring people from the "dark side" of
it the "bright side" ;-) and dont whaist you time with this matters.

On behalf off the good relations, I as a user, ask for forgiveness to
anyone who think he is offended with sven' s words or acts. Also ask
to sven to join a fighting club :-) all that anger may be in your
profit. ;-)
Seriously i understand you all, i am also a little bit rough some
times but that doesnt mean that i am not a great guy!!!

Sorry for interrupting your work and conversatiosn with this,


José David

Sven Luther escreveu:

> On Wed, Mar 15, 2006 at 09:40:15AM -0500, Andres Salomon wrote:
>> The DAM has accepted the request; please send seconds directly to
>> da-manager@debian.org, cc'ing me as well.
>> For the people who seem to think that there are more constructive
>> ways of dealing w/ this issue rather than the expulsion process:
>> http://squishy.cc/svenl.txt
>> This is a lot from two weeks ago, right after Sven threatened
>> Jonas. If he had actually changed his behavior sometime in the
>> past two years,
> /me remembers having threatened jonas last thursday, so Andres
> clearly seems to live in some kind of parallel world :)
>> rather than just viewing every discussion as a battle that must
>> be won at all costs, I would not be making this request.
> Yeah, well. I waited almost three month for something to happen on
> that bug report, and nothing ever came of it. I also note that
> jonas is not excempt from the fault, and that other had had trouble
> dealing with him, even if you didn't know that when you made your
> hasty judgement.
> Friendly, still,
> Sven Luther

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