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Re: removal of svenl from the project

On Wednesday 15 March 2006 08:40, Andres Salomon wrote:
> The DAM has accepted the request; please send seconds directly to
> da-manager@debian.org, cc'ing me as well.
> For the people who seem to think that there are more constructive
> ways of dealing w/ this issue rather than the expulsion process:
> http://squishy.cc/svenl.txt
> This is a lot from two weeks ago, right after Sven threatened
> Jonas.  If he had actually changed his behavior sometime in the
> past two years, rather than just viewing every discussion as a
> battle that must be won at all costs, I would not be making this
> request.

"So it begins" From the LOTR, I am not a developer, or much of 
Debian User but I do follow the list on occasion. I must say it's 
fun to see Debian tear itself apart. How many developers do you 
have to loose or chase away before the problem is solved.

I have no dog in this fight, and I do not take sides, but Debian 
needs good developers it seems that some developers want to drive 
as many people out of Debian as possible. At this rate Debian will 
cease to be revelant, just look at all the unmaintained packages 
that are orphaned, look at other distro's like Ubuntu, it seems 
that Debian and desktop are not viable anymore.

I also think it a little suspect as Sven has taken a self imposed 
hiatus to take care of some personal business. And then this talk 
of removal crops up, to me this would be like a knife stab in the 
back, at least wait until he comes back. Or inform him before he 
left, yes it might lead to heated discussion. But it's the right 
thing to do, maybe at this rate it doesn't matter, it seems that 
nobody listens on both sides anymore.  

Why can't people agree to disagree, it happens, after all I thought 
it was all about the code, not about which person can be the alpha 
male on the top of the hill type of thing. I see it if a person 
writes good code, and has good ideas is helpful in general, then it 
would be in a projects best interest to keep those people. 

From what I have read and seen it seems that Debian has a way of 
getting rid of good developers, developers who want to make Debian 
better. It's not about protecting someone's ego, or position in the 
pecking order, it's making Debian the best distro possible.  If all 
this angst, and anger were putt into fixing bug reports, and making 
better software then etch would be in a better position.

It also might be helpful, if some one in Debian started a developer 
education program, to train developers how to code better. Sure 
they have the policy, but it seems that education is lacking. Most 
of these flame wars are started as a result of poor understanding 
of what need's to be done. If you don't understand the problem then 
how are you going to understand the solution.

This should be real interesting to watch, as this will only be the 
beginning of the Purge.


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