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Bug#349354: why not yaird by default?

This one time, at band camp, friendly Sven Luther said:
> On Tue, Feb 28, 2006 at 10:17:39AM +0000, Stephen Gran wrote:
> > This one time, at band camp, friendly Sven Luther said:
> > 
> > [ a long unfriendly rant snipped ]
> > 
> > Frankly, I don't care whether or not yaird is the default ramdisk
> > generator for the kernel.  An MIA upstream is a good reason to
> > decide against it, in fact.  The entire rest of your argument sounds
> > like hurt feelings because Jonas won't take a broken patch, though,
> > and I'm just not interested in that sort of silliness.
> And who are you to say it is a broken patch ? Have you looked at it ?
> The main problem is that jonas does not even want to look at the
> patch, so claiming it is broken without looking at it, it kind of
> insulting in the first place.
> Please have a look at the patch, and show me how it is broken.

Of course I've looked at the patch, that's how I came to the conclusion
it's broken.  Please don't jump to conclusions.  Your patch makes the
assumption that ide-generic will never be needed on any ppc hardware
ever.  This may be the case for you right now, but does not appear to me
to be a safe assumption.  This is exactly the sort of hack that leads to
more problems down the road, patched around with worse hacks then, ad
nauseum.  It is vastly more appropriate to fix the single real bug than
to patch around it in all the places that trigger it.

> > The fact that this same bug exist(s|ed) in udev, mkinitramfs, and
> > yaird indicates that there is a real bug in the kernel that is
> > merely being
> I personally believe that the real bug is in ide-generic. 

Then fix it. You are a kernel maintainer, right?

> > triggered by all of these packages.  Can you, as kernel maintainer,
> > please spend your energy fixing the kernel bug that is causing all
> > of this, instead of wasting my time bickering with Jonas?  This bug
> > rendered my laptop unbootable until Md patched around it.
> Yeah, how does you like it ? And i am in a situation where my RL work
> does include doing support for 1000+ pegasos users out there, whose
> debian install gets broken by jonas and erik's half-backed patch, and
> erik is MIA, and jonas is not even interested in thinking about fixing
> it. He never even replied to the bug report until i pointed it out in
> erkelenz to him.
> So, the thing you are complaining about, is exactly the same i am
> complaining about here.

So, can you please fix it?  Since you're a kernel team member, you are
in a better position than either Jonas or myself to do something about
it.  Or is there some problem with fixing it the right way that I'm
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