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Re: Bug#352700: can't boot with 2.6.15-1-686 kernel : "/scripts/init-premount/udev : 21 : udevd : not found

maximilian attems a écrit :
> so the lvm init-top script got run as this is loaded.
> can you try to run from the busybox shell:
> vgchange -ay LVMDEBIAN
that command works. I have not thought to force the name of lvm vg (i
use to run vgscan && vgchange -ay)

>>>and check if your root device is there ls /dev/hda4 or whatever..
>>my root device (/dev/mapper/LVMDEBIAN-LVMROOT is not there
> on which physical device is your volumegroup?
> /dev/sda3 or whatever is that present?
the physical device is present

ok, now that the lvm is activated, i can exit the minimal shell and the
boot process complete succefully

I would also point the fact that this problem first appears on a laptop
with the same version of debian, packages, but wihtout lvm.

thanks for your help


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