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Re: Bug#352700: can't boot with 2.6.15-1-686 kernel : "/scripts/init-premount/udev : 21 : udevd : not found

Marco d'Itri a écrit :
> #If it only breaks your own system and it's unconfirmed then it's not RC, sorry
> severity 352700 important
> thanks
> On Feb 13, Florian Iragne <florian.iragne@free.fr> wrote:
>>The error message is mentionned in the subject :
>>/scripts/init-premount/udev : 21 : udevd : not found
>>So, it can't mount the root and can't continue the normal boot process.
>>I can boot on a live-cd and chroot in my system if there is a need.
>>I can provide any supplementary information if needed.
> AFAICS the udev initramfs hook script copies udevd as expected.
> I do not use initramfs or Debian kernels, so I fear that you will have
> to debug this by yourself.
> Maybe the people who actually know about initramfs-tools can provide
> some advice.

ok, it seems to be a initramfs bug. I just installed yaird and purged
initramfs and reinstalled linux-image-2.6.15-1-686, and now it works.

i'm going to make a bug report about this

thanks a lot


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