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Bug#351623: linux-image-2.6.15-1-686: same with i686

On Mon, Feb 13, 2006 at 03:27:17PM -0500, Martin Stolle wrote:
> So I did in fact reboot, but still no improvements: symlinks can still
> not be deleted.  Since I don't have console access to the machine right
> now, I can't try to run a reiserfsck --clean-attributes  to see if that
> resolved anything.
> As it stands right now, symlinks cannot be deleted for mysterious
> "Operation not permitted", despite mounting the filesystems with
> "noattrs".
> The system was installed in 2002 with reiserfs 3.6, so no reiserfs 3.5
> conversion was ever done, IIRC.

Ok, so I got to the machine, rebooted into knoppix,

reiserfsck --clean-attributes

on all the partitionas, and voila, everything works.  I can even even
use the extended attributes now, and everything still works!

So to sum up,   noattrs   was NOT enough.  Despite using noattrs, some
attrs were still being enforced (in particular, symlinks were being
funny!)  This might be another bug, unrelated to the "random crap in
attrs when there shouldn't be" bug.


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