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Re: Bug#343048: linux-image-2.6.14-2-686: ide fails to initialize (SOLVED)

Erik van Konijnenburg wrote on Dec, 13:


> > > > > > http://arch.debian.org/arch/yaird/ekonijn@xs4all.nl--debian/yaird/yaird--devo/yaird--devo--0.1/patch-131/
> > > > > > Could you give it a try and let me know if it actually works?
> > > Bingo ! Flawless boot: all IDE devices recognized.
> > 
> > In haste, I didn't notice: DMA is turned off for all IDE devices.


> That's odd.  The patch is designed to load piix before ide-generic,
> so that you get working DMA.

> Perhaps in your test you did not remove 'MODULE ide-generic' from your
> /etc/yaird/Default.cfg, so that it gets loaded too early?

My sincerest apologies: DMA is indeed enabled. I just don't know what I did 
wrong in my previous attempt. I recreated now the initrd image with the 
default config file and the IDE devices are recognized and DMA is enabled for 
all of them.


Thanks again for the speedy patch !

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